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FrameLink’s Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the differences between FrameLink and Airtable?

    The User Experience

    • Airtable follows closely the spreadsheet paradigm while Framelink follows the Professional App paradigm.
    • Like a spreadsheet, Airtable navigation is based on tabs that give access to different lists (tables). Framelink navigation is based on relationships. Depending of the content you see, you are one click away from where you want to go.


    • To send Email or SMSs with Airtable, you need Zapier or Integromat. Framelink is ready to use Email or SMS as soon as you have at least one Email or Phone number defined.


    • When complexity increases Airtable faces the same problem that users have with spreadsheets. FrameLink organizes your App by modules each one with a set of cards that may have Graphics, table accesses, summary info. Users only see what is relevant to their activity, reducing usage complexity.
    • In organizations, Airtable focus is to solve small problems - lack of integration is the main complaint of Airtable users. FrameLink lets you solve different problems inside your organization without increasing App complexity or compromising ease of use. Typically you only need one app for your whole organization.

    In Summary

    • Airtable is more consumer oriented while FrameLink is more business oriented.